I haz it. I can hardly bear to stand next to a steep drop or precipice whether the structure is man-made or natural, think Empire State Building or cliff (though I can and frequently do, my fear does not master me. On other hand I don’t like it at all.).

That’s not why I hate to fly. In fact I hardly notice it, no fear of falling at all. I even like the window seat so I can look out.

Even before 9/11 airplane travel was enormously inconvenient and oppressive, now it is even worse. If I can drive there in a day, or even two long ones I will never, ever fly.

Because, you see, it’s like this-

This is stupid on so many levels, I don’t think I’m even done with it yet. First, this guy is a Doctor who had patients to see, not just some dead heading Flight Attendant. Second, they beat him up. Third, they did it because they were too cheap to offer real money ($1,000 is not real money though I might have taken it because I’m a sucker). Fourth, their immediate reaction was to slime and shame the good Doctor in an attempt to make him a bad person the same way they do with every Woman, Black, Hispanic, or other Minority that dares to resist the Police State, even Airport Rent-A-Cops. Fifth, it took United’s asshole CEO 3 tries to come up with anything approaching an apology (the initial 2 were praise for his violent employees and their Thug reinforcements).

Sixth, United lost $1 Billion of value today. Way to maximize shareholder investment dude.

And it ain’t over. If this Doctor walks away with less than $4 Million and assault convictions for the employees and Pinkertons there is no justice (which of course there isn’t). All I’d want is a jury, I wouldn’t need anything else.

And Oscar Munoz should be fired.


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