Sausage Grinder of Snark (Sympathy for the Devil)

Do you want to know why you could never make me laugh.
Because you’re not funny.

I think I’m screamingly funny and my proof is when I make a joke my friends and relations scream at me, “When’s your next appointment with your Therapist!

She thinks I’m a riot and besides I don’t talk in Group about my fantasies of walking down the street with a machete and randomly killing people or how I’m back on drugs because my brother got killed in a drive by 2 days ago and his brains splattered all across my lap. Yes, these are both real things, not funny at all. They didn’t happen to me and are not reflective of my problems. Shame on you.

I once heard a comic tell the story of how a guy slipped on a Banana Peel at the top of a flight of stairs and crashed down it taking the most funny Three Stooges imaginable prat falls until he landed in a heap at the bottom and when they went over to check him he was dead. He turned in all seriousness to his audience and said- “When did it stop being funny?”

My answer is that it was never funny, but then I like cerebral more than physical comedy.

Steve Wright- “If you tell a joke in the forest, but nobody laughs, was it a joke?”

I’m not any happier with Trevor Noah than I was when I stopped and the rest of them are no better. Inescapable death and destruction tend to take the humor out of all but the darkest snark and that has the unfortunate tendency to sound like paranoid raving to the uninitiate. Trust me when I say my mental health is no better and no worse since the election.

Then again I’m diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety.

Want to know what I think was funny from Saturday Night Live this week?

And this-

Why? Because I’m totally into Lesbian sex? Well, it’s cool and all because I’m chromosome damaged, but what I like about it is that it’s very real and personal, not necessarily conventionally funny.

These are what everyone else liked-


And you know, I like Melissa McCarthy a lot.

TMC thinks we need more humor on the site. Or maybe she just thinks I need to lighten up a little. I’ll give this format a shot, we’ll see.

I love today. Today is even better than yesterday, and yesterday was the best day EVER! I’d think about tomorrow, but I am afraid I might burst into sparkles!

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