Sausage Grinder of Snark (My Name is Norman Bates)

Of course you don’t get it. Maybe this will help.

Hmm… maybe I didn’t warn you about the spoilers.

As with everything else I hope it’s funny in an aha! Wait! What did I just see?! kind of way. I don’t do remote diagnosis and my personal pathologies of course color my judgements. Fish do a lot of things in water and it covers 75% of the misnamed Earth. But only 75%. It’s very easy to imagine that is all there is and one thing fish never do is think about water. It just is.

Mind not sufficiently blown? Try this one-

I’m sorry, that is hilarious.

I am reminded of The Norman Conquests a brilliant play trilogy by Alan Ayckbourn. I’ve only seen the 1977 TV Version.

Each of the plays depicts the same six characters over the same weekend in a different part of a house. Table Manners is set in the dining room, Living Together in the living room, and Round and Round the Garden in the garden. Each play is self-contained, and they may be watched in any order, some of the scenes overlap, and on several occasions a character’s exit from one play corresponds with an entrance in another.

“Norm”, the name, is frequently theatrical shorthand for “normal”, the character you are expected as an audience to identify with whether those assumptions are later undercut or not. It was certainly true of Cheers, alas the parts of me that are not pure Cliff Clavin are Frasier Crane.

Oh, you want topical, not meta drama. Well, some people think Seth Meyers is funny-

Here’s something else-

That’s the ABC feed. Personally I don’t have much respect for Legacy Corporatist Media but it’s likely to stay up for a while and it doesn’t have a title like “Trump CRUSHES CNN!” or “Press Conference FULL OF WIN!!!”

Yeah, it’s something. I’ll bet we’ll talk a lot about that tonight.

Did Norman murder the girl in the Bates Motel? Yes, or No? To understand the case, you have to go back to the time ten years ago, when the young Norman murdered his mother and her lover. Matricide: perhaps, the most unbearable crime of all.

Norman refused to come to terms with the horror of his deed. His mother was still alive. He stole her corpse and preserved it with chemicals. He kept her alive by wearing her clothes; speaking in her voice; thinking her thoughts. He became both mother and son.

Norman Bates; normal, healthy young man with regular interests and habits. And Mrs. Bates; a clinging, possessive woman, and a homicidal maniac. When Norman encountered the girl at the motel, his sexual instincts were aroused. He wanted her, desired her.

This was too much for the other side of Norman?s personality. In a jealous frenzy, Mother murdered the girl. When two personalities share the same mind, there is always conflict. Now, that conflict is over: Mother has taken over Norman’s mind. Perhaps for all time.

Norman Bates no longer exists.

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