Feckless Democrats

Among the people I refuse to believe anymore are the Institutional Democratic Party. Are you serious that The Donald represents creeping Fascism (I personally think he does) or not?

To put it the way Melody Pond would, “You have a Time Machine and I have a gun. What the heck- let’s kill Hitler.”

You are a companion of The Doctor. Our records indicate you will show mercy.

My name is River Song. Check your records again.

That all doesn’t quite track with Clara’s experience trapped in a Dalek shell by the Master’s Mistress’s pointy stick where she could barely communicate anything except threats and suicidal ideation, but I only expect suspension of disbelief in fiction, not scientific consistency (sigh, if your experiment is not replicable it’s merely an anecdote).

Alas, Democrats no longer provide even that solace.

House Democrats fail to muster support to challenge Trump’s Electoral College win
By Kyle Cheney, Politico
01/06/17 02:20 PM EST

A challenge by several House Democrats to Donald Trump’s election on Friday collapsed when they failed to persuade a single Democratic senator to join their protest.

There was no expectation that the protests would succeed — backers acknowledged that the Republican-led House and Senate would never act to impede Trump’s imminent presidency. But it’s a continuation of efforts by Democrats to poke Trump in the eye before he takes office and undermine what his team has described as a “mandate” to govern. Democrats have routinely cited Trump’s 2.9 million-ballot popular vote loss to Hillary Clinton and pounced on Russian meddling in the election to undermine Trump’s victory.

Jackson Lee and her allies argued that widespread voter suppression in states won by Trump tarnished the results. They also pointed to research provided by a team of independent lawyers that found dozens of Republican electors were technically ineligible to serve. But their arguments failed to persuade their Senate colleagues to step forward.

Though any single member may lodge an objection, only those supported by both a House member and senator are eligible for debate. Had the effort by House Democrats gained the support of a single senator, it would have delayed the confirmation of Trump’s victory by hours, forcing the Senate to retreat to its chamber and debate the merits of each challenged electoral vote.

The last time lawmakers forced debate on an electoral vote challenge came in 2005, when then-Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) joined Ohio Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones to contest the Ohio electoral votes that guaranteed George W. Bush’s reelection. They spent two hours arguing that voting irregularities could have tipped the election in Bush’s favor but failed to convince their colleagues to reverse the outcome.

There was little hope among Democrats for a different outcome this time, even if they had managed to secure support from a senator. Trump’s support among congressional Republicans runs deep, and they were all but certain to ignore technical challenges to electors’ qualifications.

But the process never got that far. Without Senate support, the House Democrats’ protest repeatedly met Biden’s heavy gavel, and Democrats mounting the protests grew more and more exasperated.

“Is there one United States senator who will join me?” said Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), after the electoral votes for Wyoming, the final state, were read aloud.

So, just a bunch of gutless wonders, sold out bootlicking lackys of their Corporatist Masters unwilling to take even a symbolic stand.

You disgust me.

And lest you think I’m sparing Bernie because I’m a bro- not so. I single him out for special scorn. It only takes one and he doesn’t owe nothing to nobody.

I’d have done it if only for the publicity. As Trump has shown there’s equal value in being outrageous as being bi-partisanaly respected (maybe more). As it is, are these worthless lying sacks of shit the ones you want to rely on to defend your Social Security and Medicare? Fire them all!

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