As you might imagine a busy day ahead with little opportunity to write. Election night coverage will start around 9 pm and we’ll try to concentrate as much down ballot as we do on the top.

I never tell people who to vote for, or even to vote. If you read us with regularity you know what our politics are. Yours are yours. Tomorrow, November 9th, the struggle continues.

I am a depressive realist. I have no optimistic illusions about the world. I do not trust those in power. I believe the latches on Cat Carriers were made to be broken. Cats play an important role in this country. Yet, when a Tuxedo cat runs for office in Halifax, the whole world laughs. But why shouldn’t cats govern? Even our bodies are not under our control. Castration without representation. Perhaps worshipping cats as living gods, as the Egyptians did, is too much to hope for. But a few city council seats would be a great start.

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