2016 Junior League Championship Series: Game 4, Indians @ Blue Jays

Why being down 3 – 0 in a 7 game Series facing elimination is Bad.

First of all you have to win all your remaining games at Home. Then you have to win all the games away, a place where you have demonstrated no ability to do anything except lose.

It also brings me one step closer to Yahoos vs. the Traitors of Chavez Ravine and I might just prefer watching a Presidential Debate (The horror! The horror!). Thank goodness for Disney Channel’s Monstober and Netflix.

As expected Trevor Bauer made a bloody early exit, but it might have been better for the Blue Jays (92 – 76) if he had managed to stay in a little longer. Not that the Indians (101 – 67) Bullpen was perfect (2 Runs) but that the Blue Jays was just enough worse.

You can’t say these games haven’t been close- 2 Runs, 1 Run, 2 Runs, but the Blue Jays have consistently been on the losing side.

Yesterday’s Game

Top 1st- Leadoff Walk. RBI Double. Indians 1 – 0.

Bottom 2nd- Leadoff Solo Shot. Tied at 1.

Top 4th- Leadoff Solo Shot. Indians 2 – 1.

Bottom 5th- Leadoff Triple. RBI Sacrifice. Tied at 2.

Top 6th- Leadoff Solo Shot. Indians 3 – 2. Walk. Wild Pitch. RBI Single. Indians 4 – 2 Final.

Indians lead Series 3 – 0

Things do not look good today either. The Blue Jays will put Aarón Sánchez (R, 15 – 2, 3.00 ERA) on the hill. We’ve seen him before this Series and he’s not remarkable. He’s given up 3 Hits for 6 Runs including 2 Homers over 5 2/3rds Innings of work in a No Decision. He gave up 4 Walks against 5 Strike Outs and sports a legitimately bad 9.53 ERA. Hell have to be much, much better than his numbers to even make it through 1 rotation of the Yahoo’s roster.

The Indians will be starting Corey Kluber (R, 18 – 9, 3.14 ERA) for the second time this Series. He’s definitely their Playoff Ace and has put up some spectacular numbers, not as good in the League Championship as in the Division Series but pretty good all the same. No Runs for 6 Hits in 6 1/3rd Innings in his Game 1 Victory, 2 Walks for 6 Strike Outs and a couldn’t be better 0.00 ERA.

Hope for the best, maybe a rain out.


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  1. Vent Hole

  2. First Pitch Ball

  3. K. 1

  4. K. 2

  5. Bottom 1st

  6. First Pitch Ball.

  7. Ground Out. 1

  8. Foul Out. 2

  9. Single up the middle

  10. Top 2nd

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