The Daily Late Show (Living in the Lighthouse)

Not to get too creepy or sentimental about it, but I crave regularity and changes in routine are at once exciting and scary.

And a pain in the ass because I’ve lots of inertia and am not very portable.

I expect my readers are much like me and so I regret each time I fail to deliver their expectations with second rate commentary or silence, but I have a life too and sometimes I compromise. Believe me I know what it is to have limited outlets of expression, yet I try to expand my horizons.

This afternoon is a good example- I changed locations which is sometimes easily accomplished without much fanfare but more often is a 6 hour nightmare of disassembly and assembly. Were I satisfied with a less capable environment it would be simpler but have you ever tried composing a post on a smartphone?

There are words to describe it but the most workplace friendly is- frustrating.

However I’m back now! Temporarily because that’s how these things go, ask Larry.

Tonight we have the incomparable Sam Bee at 10:30 on TBS, the disappointing Trevor Noah at 11:00 on Comedy Central, and Stephen Colbert at 11:35 on CBS which, now that I can see my bed under the pile of rubble I built a real computer out of after a mere 3 hours of movement, I will not bother to stay awake for.

That’s how I roll.

Things that didn’t suck

When you live in the Lighthouse you hump the oil and light the lamp every day. When you can’t see the landmarks you run the fog horn no matter how pissed the neighbors get.

Blogging is like that. There for you whether you want it or not.


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