Junkyard Cesspool Wars 2016: Day 3 Morning

Time Network Event(s)
8:30 am NBCSN, Part 1 Field Hockey, Fencing
8:30 am USA, Part 1 Table Tennis, Equestrian, Fencing
8:30 am Golf Golf Central Live from the Olympics
9 am NBC Daytime, Part 1 Rowing, Water Polo (Men’s Prelim: USA vs. SPA), Swimming, Canoe/Kayak
9 am Bravo, Part 1 Tennis
9 am Golf Golf Central Live from the Olympics
10:30 am Telemundo, Part 1 Beach Volleyball
11 am NBCSN, Part 2 Basketball (Women’s Prelim: USA vs. ESP), Archery
noon USA, Part 2 Equestrian, Fencing, Table Tennis
noon MSNBC, Part 1 Beach Volleyball, Volleyball (Women’s Prelim: CHN vs. ITA)
12:30 pm Bravo, Part 2 Tennis
1 pm NBCSN, Part 3 Judo, Rugby, Rowing
1 pm MSNBC, Part 2 Basketball (Men’s Preliminary): SRB vs. AUS
2 pm NBC Daytime, Part 2 Volleyball (Women’s Preliminary): USA vs. NED
2:30 pm USA, Part 3 Beach Volleyball, Handball (Women’s Prelim: BRA vs. ROU)
3 pm NBCSN, Part 4 Fencing, Rowing, Archery
3 pm MSNBC, Part 3 Shooting, Judo, Sailing
3:30 pm Bravo, Part 3 Tennis
5 pm CNBC Water Polo (Men’s Prelim: HUN vs. AUS), Rugby, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis
5:30 pm Bravo, Part 4 Tennis
6 pm NBCSN, Part 5 Basketball (Men’s Preliminary): USA vs. VEN


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