The Daily Late Nightly Show (Land of Cleves Day 3)

Well last night it was Stephen who was missing in action. Larry made a comeback and Trevor showed up for work… finally. Samantha Bee has had a day off, it will be interesting to see what she brings.

The Real Deal

Web Exclusive

More Video from the usual suspects below the fold.

The New Guy

Best Fucking News Team

Michael Steele Extended Exclusive

Mr. Continuity

Hey, there are Conventions in New York too

Mr. Mainstream


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  1. Vent Hole

  2. On the Bus

  3. Heh, it’s the old Herman Cain bus.

  4. We race

  5. Doing the drinking game

  6. Why, that’s from The Wall Trevor. Check out the movie version of “In The Flesh”.

  7. Jordan Klepper

  8. MOZ

  9. Ailes

  10. Really good in that “I haven’t forgotten about you Motherfucker” kind of way. Alas they don’t re-run Stephen.

  11. Stephen up finally

  12. Cuban v Trump

  13. Wash my Balls? He really said that?

  14. Cruz

  15. Eric Trump

  16. Pence

  17. Kaisich VP Offer

  18. Lewis Black, that’s a reason to stay up

  19. Land of Cleves remote

  20. Back in Black

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