The Daily Late Nightly Show (Camp Rock Reunion)

The New Guy

White People


Alabama Part 2

Trevor’s last guest this week is Deshauna Barber.

Mr. Continuity

Anderson Cooper

Larry’s last panelist this week is Mark Thompson.

Mr. Mainstream


Peat Butter

I never got ‘Quantum Leap’

Sorry if it’s your favorite.

Stephen’s guests this week are-

Look, I like Disney tween comedies just fine, but the last thing I need is a reunion special of a terrible movie, not even worth watching stoned for giggles about how inexecrably bad it is that was made ONLY 8 YEARS AGO with an even worse sequel that is now IN CONSTANT ROTATION on the Disney channel as they celebrate producing 100 of these masturbatory ‘masterpieces’ to highlight their Disney Factory Sitcom Stars most of whom have graduated to spectacular careers of public sex, Drug and Alcohol abuse, general debauchery, industry obscurity, and early and unlamented death.

There were only 5 or 6 of them that were any damn good anyway. How about a nice friendly interview with Dove Cameron and the cast of Descendants instead?


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