The Daily Late Nightly Show (Ben Dover)

The Real Deal

The Empty Lectern

A lectern is a flat place you can put your notes. A podium is an elevated platform on which you stand.

I mention this because I have given hundreds of speeches on a podium from a lectern and one of my former capo di familia made a big deal about it when I (though admittedly not most of her audience) knew perfectly well what the difference was.

Actually she was my only real rival in terms of competance (I had a full 10 years of awards and 10 more in service) and people liked her more than me because I was far more threatening to the status quo (and I was). It was surprising that her local voted for me. A lot of other people think they put me over the top (and they could certainly have thwarted me, it was very close) but when she came down with her delegation on election day I knew it was a done deal.

Funny how things work out. Most of my bitterest enemies have turned out to be my biggest supporters.

Military Justice

Oh and public speaking? Not such a big deal to me.


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