Yes, still traveling.


    • dkmich on June 6, 2016 at 14:26

    Hey ek. That bottom vid looks like you in Michigan on vacation. We’ve been having beautiful weather “down below”. “Tip of the mitt”, kind of cold. We were support to go “up north” this week. Weather changed our minds.

    I have exciting news. I applied for dual citizenship. Sometime within the next year I will be an Italian citizen and so will my daughter and three grandsons. The motivation was grandson #1. He is smitten with a girl from Belguim, and he has spent a fair amount of time in Europe for his own purpose. He is planning to do an internship at Lund University in Sweden and would like to work there and get his PhD when done. Having EU citizenship, will allow him to go to schools there for free and work there without having to get an employment visa. Might have to actually get on a plane and check out the homeland.

    Take care. Hope you and TMC are well and enjoying summer.

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