The troll side of my family comes from the Flint area so I’m passingly familiar with it. I’m going to be making a trip out there this summer to plant another relative I barely know because, thank goodness, my immediate family moved east. Otherwise I might be as Republican as they are.

How Republican is that? My great-grandmother had 2 portraits above her Sears treadle sewing machine. One was Lincoln and the other Reagan. She liked her Lawrence Welk too.

How would she feel about Flint today? She would have moved away long ago, as soon as the wrong folks (that would be Black people) moved in, and wouldn’t give it a second thought.

It comes to mind because I’m having a dispute with Mom and Dad about getting passports (something I avoided for many years). I’m going to be driving and I wanted to use the northern route through Ontario. As it is it seems we’ll be going though Cleveland, site of the 2016 Republican National Convention.

No, we’ll not be visiting Flint, except for day trips.

Here’s to Flint

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