Emergency Repairs

I was supposed to be heading back from the Safe House where I have been debriefing and briefing with every shower yesterday afternoon. A late season snow had already delayed my departure but it soon segued into a chill soaking rain. I don’t exactly travel light so it took me all morning to pack and it was just around noon when I went to start the car. Click.

So on the phone with Triple A who took about an hour to get to the sticks and then another to determine that it wasn’t the battery, probably the starter which means a repair. Even hyper phone efficiency only makes things happen so fast but I found a repair shop and a tow and waved goodbye to my vehicle around 5.

And by hyper efficiency I mean it was ready late this morning but as I was a good distance away from pretty much everything I had to wait for a ride (and then ride) to pick up the car.

$400 lighter I was back at the Safe House but since it was 3 and I hadn’t had breakfast let alone lunch I fixed myself a bite before I sat down to write.

I don’t really have another topic for today so instead you get my tale of woe, and my favorite Talking Heads video, and you should all feel very, very sorry for me.


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