Blood Money

Let’s be clear about what happened. A United States Gunship Aircraft shelled and strafed a clearly designated Hospital for over half an hour.

They did so deliberately and were under direct U.S. command.

The Pentagon Insults Its Afghan Victims
By The New York Times Editorial Board
APRIL 21, 2016

After more than six months, the Pentagon has yet to fully explain what went wrong the night an American AC-130 gunship repeatedly bombed the hospital in Kunduz, killing 42 people and wounding dozens. Officials have called the airstrike a case of “avoidable human error,” but they have not said why they struck a facility whose location had been made known to them repeatedly.

Earlier this year, the American military offered $6,000 to the families of each person killed and $3,000 to those who were wounded. “We think it’s insulting,” Jason Cone, the executive director of Doctors Without Borders, said in an interview. Abdul Ghadir, who lost a 12-year-old daughter in the bombing, described feeling powerless as he took the cash. “The money is obviously not enough compared to the life of my daughter,” he told Newsweek. “I had no other choice but to accept what they gave me.”

The Pentagon has refused to discuss how it has compensated the victims “out of respect for the privacy of those involved.”

It remains inexcusable that the military has not explained to Doctors Without Borders, and to the victims, who is to blame for one of the deadliest war zone blunders in recent history. “For us, what’s important is an establishment of the facts in a more detailed way,” Mr. Cone said. “What happened, what procedures were not followed properly, what corrective measures might be made.”

Lt. Col. James Brindle, a Pentagon spokesman, said the military had concluded its review of the attack and was redacting a version for public review. The military has said that the individuals “most closely associated with the incident have been suspended from their duties,” but it has refused to identify them or their ranks.

Trust us, we’re very, very sorry we committed War Crimes. Here’s $6000. Now go away.

Why should I believe your lies?

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