The Daily Late Nightly Show (March Madness!)

WARNING! Sucky Blogging Ahead!

What’s Friday without a little Meta?

This is NCAA Tournament time and as always we’ll be following both the men and the women. The men will once again be in the CBS universe while the women will be on ESPN.

Like last year each individual men’s game will be (what? Broadcast? Most will be on Cable.) ‘cast and women’s games will be rotated based on competitiveness. Our coverage will set the matchups and record the results. Games will be liveblogged based on my rooting interests and otherwise ignored unless you care to contribute.

During the initial stages I’ll be very busy indeed, as things progress sanity is restored. You can expect some things, like my political pieces and Daily Late Nightly to suffer because I need to sleep and eat too.

Other than that I hope it is a welcome diversion from the routine.

Mr. Mainstream

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Is this the end of an iconic edition of “To Kill a Mockingbird”?
by Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon
Friday, Mar 11, 2016 04:32 PM EST

As the New Republic’s Alex Shephard reports Friday, the estate of the late author Harper Lee — who died three weeks ago at the age of 89 — has already moved to cease publication of the mass market paperback of her masterpiece. And according to an an email from the Hachette Book Group to booksellers dated March 4, “No other publisher will be able to produce the edition either, meaning there will no longer be a mass-market version of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ available in the United States.” The New Republic adds, “The email contains a discount code for the mass-market paperback effective Tuesday, March 1, one day after Lee’s will was sealed.”

“To Kill a Mockingbird” isn’t going away, of course; Shephard notes that “HarperCollins publishes the trade paperback, hardcover, and special editions of To Kill a Mockingbird.” Readers can also find the book at these incredible, little known places called libraries, where one can borrow a copy for a limited time and then return it, free of charge. But by cutting off the lowest cost option for getting a new copy — and of finding it easily at the airport or the train station or the big box chain store — the Lee estate is potentially making it harder for readers on a tight budget to get a new copy of their own. Even sadder, as TNR notes, “the disappearance of the mass-market edition could have a significant impact on schools,” where it remains one of the most assigned books in the American educational curriculum. And the Hachette email remarks that “more than two-thirds of the 30 million copies sold worldwide since publication have been Hachette’s low-priced edition.”

Stephen’s guests tonight are Jeff Daniels, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Audra McDonald.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be on to talk about 10 Cloverfield Lane.

No, I don’t know yet what will happen with Stephen during the opening rounds. Probably he’ll go into repeats or get bumped for late games.


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