Republican Debate #12: More 4

Tonight it’s the Republicans in Miami FL co-sponsored by by CNN, Salem Media Group (talk radio), The Washington Times, and the Republican National Committee. It is available only in English on CNN starting at 8:30 pm ET.

For some candidates this is a pretty important debate. It’s pretty clear that Tuesday’s Primaries could mark the end of the line for John Kasich and Marco Rubio if they can’t carry their home states of Ohio and Florida. In Ohio Kasich is leading Trump by a thin margin, in Florida Rubio is trailing by a slightly larger amount.

Cruz is slavering with glee because he’s convinced that in a choice between himself and Trump the Republican Establishment will reluctantly support him. I’m not so sure. Ted Cruz’s intransigence and unwillingness to work with his own Party may contrast poorly with The Donald who, as brash and mouthy as he can be, is a business man and willing to make deals. Cruz never compromises- he dictates. Nor is it clear that he’s more electable (though certain polls indicate that).

Nor am I convinced that it would be better for the country for Cruz to be nominated and win the Presidency. Cruz is just as racist as Trump but much, much worse on Women’s Health (Trump supports Planned Parenthood), Health Care in general (Trump supports Single Payer, well, up until today), Economics (Trump supports increased taxation on the wealthy), and Financial Regulation (Cruz is against it). Moreover Cruz is militantly in favor of Social Security reform (Trump is against it) and wants to eliminate whole Departments of government (eh, Trump doesn’t care).

So be careful what you wish for. After the first year of a Cruz Presidency you may be wishing you had The Donald to kick around some more.

This is an Open Thread, not a live blog. I’m not going to be watching. I’ll probably be sorting though my DVR. They had a The Magicians marathon on SciFi this morning and I axed my whole X-Men collection so I had enough room to get it (don’t much like X-Men anyway). Now I have to go through and eliminate duplicates.


  1. Vent Hole

    • TMC on March 10, 2016 at 8:08 pm

    This is not a debate its a verbal schoolyard brawl with four men who want to take this country back to the 19th century. Drumpf has no policy except fpr committing more war crimes and building a wall on our southern border that will never happen. He bends with the wind, saying whatever gets him free publicity. His rallies have turned into physical altercations that he encourages and it won’t br long before someone is seriously hurt or killed. Rubio is a good looking empty suit that repeats whatever his handlers tell him, Kasich is just more polite about his racism, sexism and homophobia; add in that his economic policies would destroy this country. Cruz is the scariest of all with a desire to bring back the Spanish inquisition.

    There isn’t anything any of them will say that’s of any importance except for the ignoramus, religious bigots who applaud them

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