Hey! There were Primaries this Weekend!

Well, ok, Caucuses. And Guess What!

Sanders Gains Momentum With Wins in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington State

Bernie Sanders Wins Landslides in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii; Corporate Media Downplays Them

Oh, and the Corporate Media claims– ‘Well, it’s just the same old ‘White’ electorate’. Not true, these are some of the most ethnically diverse States in the nation.

As Sanders Sweeps 3 States, Meet the Young Immigrant Activist Helping Him Mobilize Latinos

Sanders Takes Significant Bite Out of Clinton’s Lead With Big Wins in Saturday’s Caucuses
By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
March 26, 2016

Sanders picked up 10 more delegates than she did in Alaska, where he won more than 80 percent of the vote by caucus-goers, according to the returns. Then he won the day’s biggest delegate prize in Washington, where getting the votes of 72 percent of caucus-goers netted him 45 more delegates than Clinton. In Hawaii, where Sanders won 70 percent of the vote, Sanders got 18 delegates and Clinton got 7—netting him 11 more.

Thus, Sanders finished Saturday’s three western state caucuses with 66 more delegates than Clinton, shaving her lead by almost a fourth. That creates undeniable momentum for the next Democratic contest on April 5 in Wisconsin, where 96 delegates are at stake.

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