The Daily Late Nightly Show (The Temple of Nephi)

The New Guy

On The Road

Trevor’s last guest this week is Ben Stiller, on to promote Zoolander 2 (no I’m not going to link it, it was a waste of time to type it).

Mr. Continuity


Web Exclusive- Triumph on Broadway

Larry’s last panelist this week is Alexis Ohanian.

Mr. Mainstream

Feel the Bern

Bernie Sandwiches

Bernie != Trump

Stephen’s last guests this week are-

Katie Holmes (Scientologist, married to Tom Cruise) will presumably be on to talk about her role as Jackie Kennedy in The Kennedys: After Camelot, a 4 part mini-series.

Tomorrow will be a repeat.


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      The clown made me do it.

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    Finally getting around to the governor being responsible.

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