Republican Debate- 7 No Trump

If you think this is going to be a live blog, think again. I can’t stand to watch Democrats whore themselves, why do you feel this will be any different?

Besides, all the entertainment value is gone.

Some people claim that Bridge is like Chess, in that by careful observation of the bidding the cards in other player’s hands become as known to the astute as the position of the pieces on the board- visible to all.

Well, I cheat at Chess. I know one White Opening and 2 Black (fortunately both of them are similar and also share many aspects of my White Opening) and a few transpositions. Other than that I have some general principles and a keen notion of when to offer a draw (as soon as possible). A Sacrifice? I’m as likely to miss it as I am to take it which is why I’m a very bad Chess player indeed.

I am hopeless at Bridge, but I do know that 7 No Trump is a guarantee that you will take every trick in the hand without the mirthless chicanery of declaring a preferred suit.

Not showing up tonight is the smartest move The Donald could possibly make.

You know, he’s not the best debater in the world or even the Republican Party (an incredibly low bar) but it’s beneath his dignity to even attempt it. You know how much this suit costs? More than you will make in your entire life.

And this works for Trump because, for his fans, it’s the sheer embodiment of everything they want to be. They want to be Billionaire Lotto Winners and tell everyone around them to piss off. They will not move a point, in fact they will admire him for having the strength to not care what anyone thinks. I don’t need anyone but me is the Randian dream.

Plus, he’s a bigot and that makes my prejudices ok.

If you’re a reader you can probably hardly imagine the strength of his Siren call to your inner fantasies, or maybe you can and project it in different directions. Me? I give my crew earplugs and strap myself to the mast.

The real issue is not Megan Kelly. Ailes thinks she’s an empty headed Heather which is why he hired her and for the most part she’s his obedient puppet. And we can debate about it, but for the most part- she is (obedient puppet, I don’t think she’s just an empty headed Heather). Nope. The actual bone of contention is whether Faux Noise/Ailes/The Republican Party need Trump more than Trump needs them.

And the answer to that is- Yes.

Win or lose The Donald will always be what he is, which is rich. He’s an Aristocrat and Ailes is nothing but a bourgeoisie Piss Boy.

It’s good to be the King.

Trump has already won this debate. He’s gotten 2 days of free media out of a yawn. Ratings will be down which proves his point to Ailes. After the obligatory Trump bashing from the Republican lemmings sucking up to the mighty Faux they’ll turn their sights on Cruz who they hate more than Trump which will ensure a Trump Iowa victory and Trump and his new undercard buddies will be laughing their asses off.

Folks, the only thing that is keeping the Republican Party alive is the Neolib Media’s and Corporatist Democratic Party’s need for a distraction of the systemic destruction of our democracy and looting of the Treasury.

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