Holiday Rave 4

This is the last of the Holiday Raves, though I may inflict others on you later in the year. The songs I’ve selected are not at all the ones I would use at a dance simply because they’re not familiar to most people and adults are just as picky as kids when it comes to dancing, which is fundamentally fraught and embarrassing anyway. Why do you think I like to DJ? Same reason I like taking pictures, so I don’t have to be in them.

No, this is the type of music I like to listen to when I’m listening to music which is not often. When I drive I listen to WCBS NewsRadio 88 with traffic and weather together on the eights at 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, and 58 minutes past the hour. When I’m working I watch (listen) to TV constantly, used be cable news but I kicked the habit in 2000 with a brief relapse for Keith.

Now I watch ‘Tween Comedies and Cartoons almost exclusively. Let me tell you, Phineas and Ferb have some kickass songs.






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