Republican Debate #???

Well, anyway, the last one before Iowa.

Since it’s a Faux Plutocrat Pandering Production who better to go to than Faux itself?

An evening debate of lower-polling candidates begins at 6 p.m. ET. Those qualifying for that debate are: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul; former HP CEO Carly Fiorina; former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee; and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. Paul has said he does not plan to attend.

And why should he? He’s already gotten much better exposure on The Daily Show.

And the rest-

Those who qualified for the prime time, 9 p.m. ET debate are:

(The Donald) Trump, Ted (Oh Canada) Cruz, Marco (Who?) Rubio; Ben (I can separate brain conjoined twins by killing only one and permanently brain damaging another) Carson, Chris (I shut down the George Washington Bridge during the 9/11 anniversary) Christie; Jeb! (I’m going nowhere why am I even here) Bush and John (who are these people?) Kasich.

The only ones with skin in this game are Trump and Cruz who are duking it out over Iowa. Cruz got nothing, The Donald got Blame Canada and Goldman Sachs.

Oh sure, you can point and laugh for ha-has, my therapist says I’m emotionally unstable and should stay far. far away.

I’ll watch the repeats.

This is an Open Thread.

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