The Daily Late Nightly Show (Debate Reaction)

The New Guy

You know, both Trevor and I correctly predicted last night’s Republican debate before it happened.

Of course he has a staff and I don’t.


They Will Not Be Moved

Oh, sure, funny, hah hah hah. Please look at it again.

The significance of this clip is not that The Donald supporters are inarticulate morons. I mean, how does that make them any different from your average Republican? It’s not even that they will support incredibly reprehensible, unconstitutional, impossible to execute, bigoted, racist, war criminal policies. That’s normal, mainstream Republicanism. Look at Rubio. Look at Cruz. Look at Jeb! or Chris Christie or any of them (except for Rand Paul, but he’s crazy in a different way).

No, there are 2 points of significance here.

The first is that they are just as angry at the Republican Party whom they feel has sold them out as they are at any other group they hate. The second is that there are a lot of them and, since they no longer have any institutional loyalty I’m telling you that if Trump has a majority of the elected delegates at Convention time and he gets jobbed out of the nomination in a “Brokered” Convention, The Donald will be hard put not to mount a Third Party challenge and not only will the Republicans have massive electoral losses up and down the line (whether he runs or not) including Statehouses, Governorships, and the Congress, it will probably be the end of the Party as we know it (that is, if everyone just doesn’t pick up their gun and start shooting).

And on that cheery bombshell-

Below the fold The Daily Show Pusha T videos including the web exclusive one.

Will Smith will be on to whore his latest project, Concussion.

Trevor’s last guest this week is Will Ferrell.

Mr. Continuity

You think I’m Kidding

Also In The Warrior Spirit

This is not paranoia! This is entirely justified!

Larry doesn’t forget who’s naughty or nice. Someone Larry has not forgotten below the fold.

Tonightly Larry will have T-Pain joining the panel.

His Thursday guest is Pusha T (wait, didn’t we just see him?)

Mr. Mainstream

Did I mention Quentin Tarantino is an asshole? Your sorry flic ain’t even on Disney’s radar you self-important prick.

Robert DeNiro will be on to flack Joy which could be an uplifting film about family relationships and hard won success but is far more likely to be a Randian masturbatory mess.

Stephen’s other guests this Week-

As I said last night this is the end of production over the holidays as near as I can tell. The Daily Show and The Nightly Show are going to be pre-empted next week and Stephen will be in re-runs until January (that would be both next week and the holiday break).

I’ll try to scare up some alternative evening entertainment for you.

Pusha T


Web Exclusive- Crutches, Crosses, Caskets

That’s Right, Larry Hasn’t Forgotten About You


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