Holiday Rave 2

In the late 80s my friend and I got into the DJ thing, mostly to advance our political careers with the club we were in. He had some new Bose 901s he was going to buy anyway and added a Soundcraftsman 500 W Amp and a really nice mixer board that crapped out after about 5 years. The replacement was much cruder, but also cheaper and more durable. We fed it with 2 CD Walkmen and he invested about $10,000 in CDs which, now that I’m no longer around to curate them, are probably sitting in a heap in his living room. At least they were the last time I visited him.

I did archiving and selecting, he ran the board. Neither of us talked except for announcements.

Our activity level kind of dialed back when he decided after losing a race for capo di tutti that he really wasn’t interested in putting the time and energy into another run.

Me? I got to be capo di tutti.

How Soon is Now?

Love will tear us apart

Enjoy the Silence

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