Good News on GMO From Costco!

Perhaps you have responded with horror, as I have, to the news that the FDA has approved genetically engineered Salmon for human consumption.

The danger is not that you will turn into some three eyed zombie monster because you eat it or even that your children will (though it is too soon to tell, in the words of Mao, whether that’s true). Nope, the real danger is that they will escape (almost certain actually) as an invasive species like lampreys, carp, and zebra mussels have in the Great Lakes (sorry, born in Michigan, Great Lakes on three sides).

Fortunately Costco and over 60 other supermarket chains are refusing to carry it.

The GMO salmon will not be labeled as such, as the government doesn’t require foods containing GMOs to be labeled, and the FDA noted in its approval of AquAdvantage that it would not need to be designated as a genetically modified product. Instead, AquaBounty CEO Ron Stotish told The Washington Post last week that the fish would likely be marketed as Atlantic salmon. The fish has an added gene, which the FDA classifies as a drug, that allows it to grow much more rapidly.

I must admit I have a Costco card and I enjoy shopping there, not the least because I get unlimited free refills on eyeglass cleaner which has a variety of uses. I also enjoy their Salmon though my family hates fish and I usually have to eat it alone.

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