The Daily Late Nightly Show (Voir Dire)

Among other things I did on my “vacation”, I sat for Jury Duty. The case involved someone claiming damages for pain and suffering after being struck by a car while riding a bike.

Well ok so far, let’s stick it to that mega-insurance company (not Liberty Mutual, no, not at all). Unfortunately there was no medical evidence and I was supposed to rely on plantiff’s testimony that he had permanently lost pleasure in activities he had previously enjoyed (like biking presumambly). I live that every day, it’s why I’m in treatment for depression (and anxiety, let’s not forget that).

Apparently because of my special crime (serving on a Jury previously) I was no longer moral enough to join the Army, kill women and kids, burn houses and villages, after being a litterbug.

And Disturbing the Peace.

But we had a good old time on the Group W bench talking about Father raping, Mother stabbing and playing with the pencils. I entered at 8 am and left at 5 pm. I was in Voir Dire for an hour and a half, the Janitor waved goodbye as they shut off the lights.

It only seemed like 5 – 10.

The New Kid

I need to stab someone! Where’s my stabbing knife?!

Trevor’s guests this week are-

The New Continuity

Larry has revamped his website so that it’s marginally useful! Tonightly the guests are Bill Nye and Bridget Everett.

The Belle Arabs

It’s a French pun. That’s got to count for something when I emigrate.

The Dancing Man

What? I haven’t come up with a new subtitle yet.

Stephen’s guests this week are-

5 days left (including today)-


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