You can’t handle the truth.

One of the most basic, fundamental, problems of Neo-Liberalism is the secrecy of the elites.

There are two causes, only one of which is generally exposed (and that’s a rather generous characterization because they try to cover it up also) and it is- if we told you unwashed masses what we were actually doing you wouldn’t like it since we are so vastly superior in our intellect to you ignorant peons.

Frankly, that is quite insulting enough but it only masks the deeper reason.

We are incompetent morons who pretty much screw up everything we touch and only hold our priviledged positions because of nepotism and sychophancy.

Try and guess which motivation is in play here-

Eric Garner case’s secret evidence should be made public, attorneys argue

by Lauren Gambino, The Guardian

Tuesday 16 June 2015 15.42 EDT

Disclosure is opposed by the district attorney’s office, which argued that releasing the grand jury record would not lead to new answers, and would have a “chilling effect” on witnesses, who are promised anonymity, and even prosecutors, who might feel pressure from the public to deliver a certain result if secrecy was no longer sacrosanct.

“Perhaps less disclosure on that day would have been better,” said Anne Grady, an assistant district attorney for Richmond County, which encompasses Staten Island, where Garner lived and died.

At one point during the hearing, Justice Leonard Austin asked if the decision to release some information meant the cat was “already out of the bag”.

The assistant DA said she disagreed with that characterization. “Further disclosure will only raise more questions,” she said.

She added: “The intense public scrutiny should not result in disclosure but even more zealous protection.”

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