The Daily/Nightly Show (Trevor Noah)

There is of course only one topic tonight as our attention turns from College Basketball (told you the Lady Huskies would win) to other subjects and that is Trevor Noah.

I’ll spare you the tribalism of his ancestry except to note that as a South African with mixed parentage of a type forbidden under apartheid he certainly brings a different global perspective to The Daily Show

Feeling the exceptionalism?  I’m sure that’s one of the things that attracted Jon to the idea of Trevor Noah as a host.

Initial reaction was generally positive-

To over the top ecstatic-

There were some quibbles, one of which was his general lack of experience as a Daily Show correspondent (he only has 3 appearances).  Another reservation was under representation of females as Late Night TV hosts-

And whether he had the background knowledge to handle the 2016 election (frankly I’m surprised Jon didn’t wait until after, but maybe he was tired of interviewing empty chairs)-

But we were also warned that a more serious backlash might be coming-

And sure enough, there were the tweets- all 8 out of 8000 or so for a percentage of 0.01 (for the record I’ve tweeted exactly once and while I thought it was screamingly funny at the time I can’t remember what I said).

(To be continued…)


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    Glad she was able to finish the piece.  

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