2015 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament: Finals

Sunday’s Results-

Score Seed Team Region Record Score Seed Team Record Region
66 1 Notre Dame 35-2 South 65 1 South Carolina 33-3 Mid-West
81 1 UConn 37-1 East 58 1 Maryland 34-3 West

Today’s Matchups-

Time Channel Seed Team Record Region Seed Team Record Region
8:30pm ESPN 1 UConn 37-1 East 1 Notre Dame 35-2 South

It was destined to be.

The first thing you have to realize is the Muffet and Geno hate each other.  No, really.  They try to appear all polite and stuff on the record but they’re really seething underneath.

Well, Muffet does anyway.  I think Geno hardly notices anyone now that Pat Summit is safely in the rearview mirror.

So the question everyone asks is why is UConn so dominant.  For one thing it is the top sports program in Connecticut.  We have no Major League teams, UConn Throwball is a joke, likewise Men’s Basketball.  You want to know the only one that comes close?  Women’s Soccer.

Also Geno could be coaching rabbits or aliens.  He doesn’t care.  The Lady Huskies are are as tough as nails and better than the guys who they regularly scrimmage with and almost always beat.  Geno is the type of coach who would do a split squad simulated game with the Red flags those players with the skills closest to the team they’re matching against, Starter or not, and the Blue flags everyone else, Scrub or not.  Winner hits the hot tub, loser gets extra practice with Geno “patiently” explaining what they did wrong.

He only looks like a nice guy, he’s a godless killing machine.

Now some people see UConn dominance as a problem and have proposed various fixes.  Diana Taurasi says- “grow up.”

And most of Connecticut agrees.  You see, before 1985 it wasn’t much of a program at all and we’ve more than paid our dues.  Some things you can never change no matter how you jigger the rules and one of them is the best teams attract the best players.

There are those who look forward to Geno’s retirement before he doubles John Wooden’s record, that’s as may be.  We won’t have to look far to find some alum he’s taught the system and until the other teams change to keep up, UConn will continue to win baring flukes, injuries, or some super human player.

(ps. Please read the link and for the record I think the Men and Women should play under exactly the same rules, if you want more scoring you need to shorten the shot clock, not lengthen it, and lowering the rims (Geno’s big idea) is just dumb- if you want a dunk contest where only the last 4 minutes matter watch the NBA.)


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    UConn has 4 personal fouls and 8 turnovers. They are shooting 38.2% on field goal attempts; 23.4% on 3 point attempts and 50% on free throws.

    Notre Dame has 4 personal fouls and 13 turnovers/ They are shooting 30% on field goal attempts; 33.3% on 3 point attempts and 100% on free throws.

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