Throwball AFC Conference Championship 2015: Bolts @ Patsies

So, who do you hate the most?  The Bolts who left Baltimore high and dry in the middle of the night or the Patsies who dinked around Hartford so they could Stadium blackmail Massachusetts?

I say I hate them about equally.

I’ll give the Bolts the rooting nod today though because they’ll just be meat for the Packers (who look set to win after the first half) or for the Seahawks who, as I said below, I find unobjectionable.  The Bolts are an inferior team that’s been lucky so far.

Unfortunately I think the Patsies will end that streak today.  Tom Brady is a bit long in the tooth but he’s still one of the best in the league and, free of worries about drafting a Quarterback, Belichick has been able to use it to build the Patsies.  They have weaknesses, but not many; and can be beaten, but not easily.

Game starts @ 6 pm on CBS


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