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North Carolina police are searching for a Rowan County transgender woman, Elisha Walker, who has been missing since October 23.  Her mother reported her missing on November 11.

Elisha normally stays in contact with family and friends via phone calls, texts, and facebook [sic] postings, but has done none of that since October 23rd, when [she] had contact with a cousin on that date.

–Rowan County sheriff’s office

Last Sunday Sampson County authorities found Elisha’s silver 2000 Pontiac Sunfire near the town of Clifton, NC.  It had been intentionally torched, in the opinion of investigators.

Her car sported a homemade license plate.

An officer from the Salisbury City PD ran the tag for the Pontiac Sunfire on October 30th, after spotting the car, using the paper tag, traveling on Hwy 150 out of the city limits. The officer ran the tag and no problems surfaced.

The officer had no probable cause to stop the car at that time, and it was last seen traveling on Hwy 150.

–Rowan County sherrif’s press release

The sheriff’s office says Walker has been known to travel to Durham and the Camp Lejune area, “but there are no known areas for certain at this time that [she] may be located in.”

Walker is 20 years old, 5’8″, 120 pounds, with “light brown skin complexion.”  Elisha had been staying with her friend Angel before she went missing.

She also identifies as a woman, but one wouldn’t know that if one concentrated on law enforcement statements and local media.  On might think that part of the difficulty in finding her is that everyone seems to be looking for a man.  The closest anyone comes to identifying her as a woman is this:

Walker looks and dresses like a woman, and according to police lives “an alternative lifestyle of a non-heterosexual male.”

I don’t have a good feeling about this, I don’t.

–Claudia Tugman, mother


    • Robyn on November 29, 2014 at 01:11

    …is a trans woman would seem to present an obvious problem.

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