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Go back to the suburb you came from!

Rolling the (Regular Polyhedral) dice

The real news and next week’s guests below.

Next week’s guests-

The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

Seeing Chuckles the Clown’s name on the upcoming guest list reminds me that in a soon to be released Rolling Stone interview Jon confirms he was approached.  I’ve no doubt it will happen again and soon as MTPs numbers continue to plumet.

We should say goodbye to Texas as soon we can get Mexico or the Native Americans to accept the offer.  Texans like to claim that it departed Mexico in a revolt against an oppressive dictatorship in the pursuit of true United States values.  Yeah, like the true value of African slavery which the oppressive Mexican Republic was going to outlaw.  Don’t let the door hit yah.

Spoon is an Austin based band who’s music has appeared in many TV and Movie sound tracks.

David Miliband is the brother of the current leader of the UK Labour Party, Ed Miliband, whom he ran against for the Leadership post in 2010.  He’s currently head of the International Rescue Committee where I imagine he was quite suprised to find that they didn’t have any Tracys or a cool space station and shuttle as well as a tropical island base with it’s own fleet of neat vehicles and a massive hypersonic scout ship, transport, and 1 man mini-sub.


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    What Would Jesus Shoot

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     Dems Trying to Flip Texas Are Like Straight Guys Hitting on Lesbians

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