Jr. League Wildcard Play In: As @ Royals

A mite o’ meta.  TMC is on vacation after a very busy week and I leave tomorrow on family business and do not expect to be back until Tuesday next.  Does this mean we shall cease publication?  No.  We’ll do the best we can to provide the same content our readers have come to expect.

This is a particular problem for our sports coverage (Major League Baseball Playoffs and Formula One Racing) since I’m not sure what times I’ll be available, what my connection will be like, and whether I’ll have a TV handy.

As I said we’ll do the best we can.  Some games we will be liveblogging as usual, some games you’ll have to make your own fun.  We will attempt to post pre-game matchups and summaries of the key plays from the previous day’s contests.

– ek hornbeck

The Royals will be hosting, hosting I say, the Athletics tonight in the Jr. League Wild Card Play In Game.  What makes this so unusual is it’s been years, nay decades since the Royals have even sniffed post season play, and to enter tonight’s contest with a better record and home field advantage over the As is odd indeed.

The Play In Games have the unique feature that they’re not a series and teams can make up a special 1 game roster with only 1 or 2 starters and replace the others with position players.  Tonight’s contest will see Jon Lester (L, 6 – 4, 2.35 ERA) face James Shields (R, 14 – 8, 3.21 ERA).  Neither team has performed particularly well, what distinguishes this year’s edition of the Royals (who hit less than 100 Home Runs) is they have an excellent Bullpen with has covered for their lack of offense.  The As are just having an off year.

Game starts at 8 pm on TBS.

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