You know, we also do elections.

Not a complaint, mostly an observation.

Personally, as a writer, I find it very hard to get enthused about elections.  Frankly I find horse races boring and gossip petty.  I like writing about issues when I can find a hook and my lighter pieces- Sports, Open Threads (c’mon, you think I’m that into Betty Boop because of the Adult themes and curves?  Nothing off topic with me ever.), the only “news” worth watching, etc. are here as a framework and because I’m a good humored guy (want to see what’s in the back of the truck?  Ice Cream!) and like to entertain people; and I delude myself that my audience is well apprised of the grim reality of our situation and is seeking diversion.

We are the ‘fun’ site, the place where you don’t have to tuck your hair up under your hat.

But your muse is not mine and just because I amuse myself to pass the time while I’m counting down to the apocalypse shouldn’t make you feel that any particular topic is off limits except one-


And that’s ok too provided you submit your copy for pre-approval.

Anyway to cut to the quick (because I feel a long winded dissertation on the fundamental nature of blogging coming on and need to lie down until it passes), I hope you don’t think you can’t contribute posts of a political nature.  If we thoroughly disapprove and you’re not openly abusive or hateful you’ll simply languish without promotion, but we do promote a lot of material with which we don’t necessarily agree for informational and discussion purposes.

If you have any question at all if your piece is suitable drop us a line or just give it a shot.  It’s not like I don’t keep track of what’s happening.

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