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Jon used up all 4 of the segments of his 3 segment show on Hillary Clinton which you can find extended and web exclusively along with the rest of the real news below.

Hillary Clinton

Jon Stewart’s shocking, shining moment: He grills Hillary on “The Daily Show”

Daniel D’Addario, Salon

Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014 11:59 AM EST

Stewart’s interview strategy has always been kowtowing to anyone with actual bureaucratic authority. See his “interview” with Condoleezza Rice, when he put on an intimidated expression and a high-pitched voice to say, “That’s one way of looking at it” when she defended the invasion of Iraq as having preempted a nuclear Iraq. But in meeting a person who studiously disavows any special expertise about what has befallen our nation, because she’s not thinking too much about the future right now, Stewart surprisingly met his perfect match.

A declared presidential candidate would surely have gotten the soft-soap treatment by Stewart – why do you think John McCain ended up on his show so often? But Clinton actually took real guff from Stewart. He put her through a mock career aptitude test (the “mock” here indicates both the test’s falsity and that it was making fun of just how lame her previous interviewers’ attempts to get a declaration of intent had been).

Stewart soldiered through Clinton’s determination to talk solely about her book, managing to derail her a lot more than, say, Diane Sawyer did, and got a few good jokes in meanwhile.

The most revealing remark Clinton made in the interview, which she quickly qualified, was that “we did a much better job telling the world who we were during the Cold War.” It was both startling for its candid nostalgia – do we really want to go back there? – and apt. Jon Stewart’s guests do their best work when they’re under at least mild pressure. If only every night his interview subject could be a major newsmaker who is not currently seeking a mouthpiece for clear policy objectives, he’d be in business.

Marvel to announce a new title for one of its most classic Super Heros

Ms. Marvel’s Reboot

Marvel Tip/Wag

Joe Quesada

First Avenger

Spider Man

Cap’n Dead

Memorial Shield

Gay Superheros

Archie Types

This week’s guests are-

The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

Jerry Seinfeld will be talking about the 25th anniversary of Seinfeld (if he and Jon talk about anything at all and don’t simply point at each other and dissolve into puddles of laughter as is typical of his comedian interviews).

Stephen might talk with Bill de Blasio about the upcoming LIRR strike or his invitation to Pope Francis to visit NYC although according to Twitter the general subject is de Blasio’s first 6 months in office.


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