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The real news, Threatdown All Bear Edition, and Dahlia Lithwick’s 3 part web exclusive extended interview below the fold.

Dahlia Lithwick

Threatdown All Bear Edition

Grizzly Art

Stripper Bears

Grizzly Best Man

Oldest Panda Dies

Baby Bear


This week’s guests are-

The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

Hillary is, well, Hillary; and I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her because of Bill’s triangulating Third Way politics, his neolib Rubinite economics, and her very own neocon warmongering foreign policy.  Other than that I’m sure she’s a really nice lady.

Vint Cerf was born in New Haven (no recommendation that) and his Dad’s name was Thurston for pity’s sake.  While Stephen will probably suck up big time it’s not like he doesn’t have a checkered past in addition to his work for the DoD in developing the Internet.

In February 2005, an ethics complaint against Vint Cerf was drafted due to his role in the leadership of MCI’s internet business because MCI was providing the IP addresses used by, a vendor of spamware that uses a botnet in order to send spam, and refused to terminate the spamware vendor. At the time, Spamhaus also listed MCI as the ISP with the most Spamhaus Block List listings. The complaint’s goals were to have Cerf’s Association for Computing Machinery membership terminated and his 2004 Turing award revoked.

He also works for Google as a Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist which is one of those non-jobs that allows you to make a shit pot of money for pulling predictions out of your ass that nobody cares about or remembers whether they were right or not.

If he’s a little slow during the interview keep in mind that he’s hearing impaired so a TV studio environment will be quite difficult for him.


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