So I Took a Few Days off

I skipped a few days in tending to the colt. I was assured that he was being cared for yet today I go to check on him and his entire personality has changed. Last I saw him I could crawl under his belly, walk behind him even lay across his back. I could wash his wounds and receive a thankful gesture. There is this other guy that was going to continue and I went with him tonight just to judge the progress. As soon as we drove up the horse started raising hell. I stood back and watched, the horse hates him. He is to rough he does not let the horse have his space and is very controlling which never works on an 800 pound horse. I had him “greenbroke” and this dude made it where I must start from scratch.

I hate dumbfucks

Don’t get me wrong I like the dude but he has no clue. People talk and say they know about things that are beyond their comprehension to impress others.

Did you see what I did there?


    • TMC on July 2, 2014 at 19:43

    Where you able to look at it?

    That dude shouldn’t be anywhere near a horse or any animal. Serve him right if he gets kicked.

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