People Are Idiots

I really do enjoy when someone is chosen as the target by someone that has one on their back. I laugh and I laugh and I laugh.

I could say many things but it really is to amusing to actually share and I just don’t do that shit.

I do do this

Dude you have issues.

You have Putin as your avatar, tell me again how much you hate communists and Muslims

Oh and thank you for unfriending me because I* know your gonna do it Mr Patriot

I have issues huh? As a matter a fact I do, plenty, and your little remarks aren’t going to change that, so shut the fuck up, enjoy the ride or bail, your choice? And no, I’m not going to unfriend you, I’m going to torture you with more of my bullshit…enjoy!


2 Load your gun show us how little your dick is. I am a Marine what are you other than a waste of pixels?

I was thinking

Bad move


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