Is this the new “Dead Man”?

Reference for those not in the know.

Some friends and I have referred to Keith Richards as “The dead man”, you can see it in his eyes, the dude has been dead for years yet still he stands. I hope he donates his body to science. I also hope I am still around when they do the autopsy and explain to the rest of us how he made this far.

I digress.

Music News

Lemmy Kilmister Stares Down Age 70: ‘How Did That Happen to Me?’

“I’m old, you know,” he eventually admits. “In two years I’m 70, which is ridiculous. How did that happen to me?”

Life as Jimi Hendrix’s Roadie  

“I was sleeping on [Jimi Hendrix’s roadie] Neville Chester’s floor – he was sharing a flat with Noel Redding, so whenever they needed an extra pair of hands I was right there. I didn’t get the job for any talent or anything. But I did see Jimi play a lot. Twice a night for about three months. I’d seen him play backstage too. He had this old Epiphone guitar – it was a 12-string, strung as a six string – and he used to stand up on a chair backstage and play it. Why he stood up on the chair, I don’t know.


  1. The trick is still living with yourself forever.

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