I am having computer issues

They really pale compared to the other issues I have in my my life.

I’ve seen it before. Someone that you think cares, someone that you think is on your side waits for you to turn your back. I refuse to mention names because there is a silent plane flying above my head.

Chilean Court Rules U.S. Had Role in Murders  

The United States military intelligence services played a pivotal role in setting up the murders of two American citizens in 1973, providing the Chilean military with the information that led to their deaths, a court here has ruled.

The recent court decision found that an American naval officer, Ray E. Davis, alerted Chilean officials to the activities of two Americans, Charles Horman, 31, a filmmaker, and Frank Teruggi, 24, a student and an antiwar activist, which led to their arrests and executions.

The murders were part of an American-supported coup that ousted the leftist government of President Salvador Allende. The killing of the two men was portrayed in the 1982 film “Missing.”


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