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The real news below.

Well I might as well be upfront with the bad news.  Next week is repeats to be announced and the week after that pre-emptions.  Back in the day when Tia was doing the heavy lifting I didn’t mind covering the gaps but now I’m a solo act I’m both conflicted and tired.  I’d like to keep people interested in this time slot which I think is a big asset to the sites and being able to cover the content would certainly remind people why I should be respected… and feared.

On the other hand I like my naps.

So I’m not sure what we’ll do for amusement, but I’ll try to think of something.

Anyway, finishing up this cycle is Melissa McCarthy who you probably remember best as Sookie St. James from the Gilmore Girls.  It’s pretty obvious she’ll be talking about Tammy which she co-wrote and opens July 4th.

Paul Rudd shares with Melissa the distinction (if you can call it that) of having hosted Saturday Night Live 3 times.  While I’d much rather he discuss the 2015 release Ant-Man he’ll be pitching They Came Together which starts tomorrow.  Stephen doesn’t do clips so what you won’t see is is his trademark running gag where instead of a scene from whatever production he’s currently whoring, he shows a man in a wheel chair falling over a cliff.

I’m not quite sure why this is supposed to be funny.

Keep that URL bookmarked, we publish at least 5 – 8 pieces of interest every day exclusive of TDS/TCR so there is new content several times for our readers.


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