No Mask

I’m no expert and who believes them anyway?  Normally I support my opinions by quoting sources, these are my naked oservations.

Iraq is collapsing.  The Kurds are carving out their Kurdistan.  The Sunni are reclaiming their Assyria.  Persia is asserting its empire (not called the Persian Gulf for nothing).

In short the artificial divisions imposed by French and British Colonialism are dissolving.

Is this a good thing?  As Mao famously said of whether the invention of fire was good for the Chinese people- “Too soon to tell.”

Was this predicatble, in that nobody could have predicted except Tom Clancy kind of way?


Everybody predicted it.

Would a U.S. troop prescence have prevented it?  Can U.S. military action undo it?

The British ruled India for 300 years.  After they left a great civil war divided the territory along ethnic and sectarian lines.  How long should they have stayed?



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    • BobbyK on June 13, 2014 at 02:13

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    Is our children learning?

  1. I really just stopped in to say “hi’ & that I`ll be back more often.

    I remember you supporting my diaries here & more than that, always held you in high regard.

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