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Pleased to meet you. Hope you get my name.

For the rest of the festivities and the 3 part Web Exclusive Extended Interview and pean to centrist Third Way Fix the Debt Versailles Villager Washington Consensus politics with Peter Schuck, join me below the fold.

Peter Schuck

The only reason to watch this sycophant is that Jon gets slightly better in the parts we didn’t see.

This week’s guests-

The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

Now the truth of the matter is I had a very busy and long day after a nearly sleepless night so for the most part you’ll have to make your own fun.

Seth Rogen, screenwriter, actor, producer, director, and comedian is on to whore his latest project, The Interview, though given Jon’s notoriously poor skillz in that very subject it will likely quickly devolve into a ‘Look- I’m on with a fellow comedian’ yukfest befitting Jon’s deserved reputation or even worse- revolve entirely around Seth’s April 12th guest hosting stint on Saturday Night Live.

It’s a pick’em on which would be more boring.  Maybe Jon will do both so we can compare and contrast

If his stint at the Washington Post were not enough to convince you he should be viewed with deep suspicion, please remember David Remnick was an early supporter of the War in Iraq.  He will be on to talk about either Russia or Sports.

Let’s hope it’s Sports.


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