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So I was at my drunk former brother-in-law’s house who, in addion to many other objectionable qualities, was simply the most obnoxious Red Sox fan it’s ever been my displeasure to meet.  It was 1986, Sixth game of the Series, top of the 10th, when Dave Henderson led off with a Solo Shot and Wade Boggs Doubled with 2 Out and scored from there on a Marty Barrett Single.  5 – 3 Sox.

Since the Sox led the Series 3 – 2 it certainly didn’t look good for my New York Metropolitans and my asshole brother-in-law was already doing his victory dance, but there’s a reason they play the games.

Calvin Schiraldi took the mound for his 3rd inning, which was one more than usual.  John McNamara also left in the unfortunate Bill Buckner at First who was not only suffering from an ankle injury but had just been struck by a pitch.

Schiraldi got 2 quick Outs and then gave up 3 straight Singles, the last an RBI.  McNamara pulled Schiraldi for Bob Stanley, his number two closer and Mookie, Mighty Mookie, stood at the plate.

The count was 2 and 2 after 7 pitches when Stanley threw a wild one which tied the game.  On the 9th pitch Mookie hit a slow roller up the First Base line.  With the base open Buckner was playing the gap and had to run quite a distance on his bad ankle.  It looked like another foul until it died inside the line just about the time Buckner got there.  He missed it with his first swipe and it dribbled through is legs so he had to turn around to pick it up and by this time the runner at 3rd had scored and Mookie was standing safe at first.  6 – 5 Mets.

I mumbled some hurried goodbyes so I could go home and gloat in privacy.  I understand it was an ugly night.  It certainly took the fight out of the Red Sox who, even though the Series was merely tied at 3 came out for Game 7 looking and playing like a team that had already given up.

Jon is a big Mets fan too, but I can’t imagine they’re going anywhere this year and I just got done with March Madness so I’m all sportsed out at the moment.

Michael McFaul is the recently retired former Ambassador to Russia.  I think we all know what he’ll be talking about.


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    God buried dinosaur bones to test our faith

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