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Former NSA Official Thinks A Blog Containing Nothing But His Own Tweets Is ‘Defamatory’

by Tim Cushing, TechDirt

Tue, Mar 18th 2014 12:19pm

Many people have varying ideas as to what exactly composes defamatory content. Some mistake statements of opinion (“this product sucks”) for defamation. Some feel anything that doesn’t describe their products or services in glowing terms is defamatory. Some feel any sort of criticism is defamation, even if the criticism is based on known facts.

But John Schindler (whose strange foray into Wikileaks/Snowden conspiracy theories we’ve covered here previously), former NSA officer and holder of a PhD in history (just ask him!) has gone far beyond any of these misperceptions. According to him, things he actually said are defamatory if published by a third party.

I have no idea how someone as self-assuredly brilliant as John Schindler would make this error but here’s the chain of events. Schindler routinely berates anyone who questions his claims, calling them “stupid” and refusing to advance the argument past endless appeals to his own authority (the aforementioned PhD). Someone took notice of Schindler’s tactics and crafted a Tumblr blog containing nothing but screenshots of actual Schindler tweets.

Which proves that Professors with PhDs can be thin skinned pompous self important bullying assholes, QED.

Way to go joanneleon.


  1. worth reading on DKos, imho.  There are others, but she’s amongst the list’s toppers.  There’s no point in pontificating about who’s better at her level of work, because anyone approaching her humanity is great.

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