Danziger Bridge



  1. And, then, remember, too, that so many of those people victimized by Katrina were “shipped” off to unknown spots, some to Iowa, Colorado, etc., and do we know what their final fate or living circumstances turned out to be?   I don’t think so!  see:

    So many people swept away under the rug in the Katrina horror, the foreclosure horror and so many horrors, as to be unbelievable . . . . and what did Americans do to deserve this treatment . .. . . right down the line???????

    No on knows and no one cares ……. all of it has only worsened over time.  The police killings of civilians goes on rampantly across the U.S. against those bearing no weapons at all.  Worse, no questionings of those killings.  People across the U.S. are winding up dead for having done absolutely nothing, as well as having been unarmed!

    Is the true state of our “republic” so unlike the era of 1934 -1945????  

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