Our President For The Upper Classes

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Multiple sources tell CNN that another heated moment came when Rep. Ed Perlmutter of Colorado asked about rumors that Larry Summers is being considered to head the Federal Reserve, and told the president it is a bad idea.

Sources said the president got defensive and clearly upset, saying that he is sick of the Washington game and liberal press like the Huffington Post going off on Summers as not liberal enough.

The president reminded the room of Democratic lawmakers that Summers was a key part of his economic team as they tried to turn the economy around in 2009. He also made clear that he has made no decision for the Fed chief, but noted that top choices, including Summers and Janet Yellen, are so similar in qualifications you “have to slice the salami” pretty thin to see the differences.


Just like slicing night and day.

I have read nothing but skimpy reports and opinion pieces about Janet Yellen but I am reasonably confident she is not dismissive of women overall like the ugly clod Summers, who has never been right about anything.

Imagine, just imagine, if instead of handing trillions to bankers and a bit of strained sympathy to their victims, the U.S. had given the crooks jail sentences [like Reagan did incidentally] and aided the victims.

Would we not be better off?

Best,  Terry  


  1. Can’t I ever be right about anything?

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