Study: Taller women associated with greater cancer risk

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Two previous studies reported that the correlation between height and any type of cancer was stronger among women who had never smoked…

Smoke, smoke that cigarette. 🙂

You just can’t make up the crazy results of demographic studies.

One genetic mutation that is most assuredly associated with higher cancer rates though not necessarily low intelligence is blue eyes.  That is independent of blonde hair and light skin which are also rumored to be associated with low intelligence but are implicated in greater cancer rates.

Nevermind that many genes besides the legendary blue oncogene are involved in the blue eye cancer biomarker and blond hair may come from a bottle rather than any genes.  Most doctors and pop science writers don’t bother much with details.  Only research scientists are willing to endure the boredom of such trivia.

As a matter of practical advice, mosquitoes as well as men prefer blondes and dogs.  When picnicking or fishing that knowledge should prove helpful in selecting companionship though not necessarily for the companion.

Best,  Terry


  1. that they can run away faster.

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