Lawrence O’Donnell Makes An Impassioned Plea For Waste of Resources

For any fans of an excellent fellow on the wrong track:…

You will get no argument from me that restraint of commerce in favor of General Motors and Ford is a bad thing.

You will get an argument that electric cars are the wave of the future.

If you haven’t had battery problems, you just couldn’t live in cold country.  Until Mr. O’Donnell and his wrong way thinkers warm the planet so that winters are banished forever, the idea of an all battery car is a nightmare.  Hybrids offer a little more – like intermittent energy sources – with continued reliance on fossil fuels.

We can do better.

Much better.

Reliance on waste energy is the ticket.

Generation of power from waste heat is already a big business.  But not nearly as big as it should be.

Strangely Mark Twain’s report of mummy power [“bought by the ton or the graveyard”] to fuel the locomotives of the Trans-Egypt Railroad are still disputed though there is contemporary evidence.

Apparently some think Twain was just trying to be funny.  He did that a lot.

But today even crematoriums are generating power from fresh corpses of loved ones. This is an aging report from TreeHugger on a very new definition of people power:…

The future is now but not widely advertised for obvious reasons.

There are much better sources than people power and no shortage whatever.

Best,  Terry

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