Report: U.S. President Obama to Announce Measures Against Patent Trolls

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Long past time the President took charge of the War on Inventors instead of just giving it lip service.

Private equity firms that take over healthy, cash-rich companies with the use of bail money from financiers, loot the cash and assets from the company, load them up with debt, fire employees, ship the remains to exotic locations and the proceeds to island tax shelters have only to worry about increasing competition for the vulture feast.

Corey Booker got very angry with Obama during the last presidential election for saying mean things about private equity firms like Corey Booker’s in attacking Romney.  

Booker was reminded politics was politics, financiers would continue to get bail money and protection as always and that “We the people” has been replaced by “Moneyed interests” in The Constitution by Supreme Court decree.  Corey was safe from everybody but even better fed vultures like Chris Christie.

Booker is a quick study.  He was at peace with the arrangements and will probably soon join the protection racket known as the U.S. Senate where he too can help with the War on Inventors, which is better known as the War on Science but has a more partisan tone.

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  1. Damn those scientists anyway for trying to change things.

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